Philipa Hunte

Philpa Hunte is a registered nurse assistance got her qualification from the University of Medical Science of Matanzas, Cuba. She has been working in the health sector for the last five years. Philipa is self motivated, determined with the mindset to always further herself causing her to receive a certificate in Early Childhood Development from the University of the West Indies Open Campus St Lucia and the National Research Development Foundation's Institute of Business. Furthermore she has received a certificate of training in Memory Care Worskshop session "I want to Remember Me" which was presented by the Angels of the West Indies accredited by SLMDA, where she was able to further her knowledge about Alzheimer's disease. 

The passion and love for caring for people has gotten Philipa involved with the recently established St Lucia Alzheimer's Association, where she presently holds the post of assistant secretary. Her vision for this association is that St Lucians becomes more aware and educated about Alzheimer's disease. In her spare time she enjoys reading especially suspense novels, watching documentaries about medicine amd different cultures and customs mostly, listening to music but most of all spending time with loved ones.

To learn more about Philipa's love and passion for health care she could be contacted at

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